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Self-contained lantern with the latest built-in energy management system The M650H Self-contained Lantern is the newest lantern in the Carmanah range of self-contained lanterns.

It is tested to the toughest industrial standards and has a lot of intelligent settings. The M650H is a cost effective, self-contained, high-performance, low-maintenance and easy-to-install solar LED marine lantern.

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The Terk Leapfrog LFIRX has triple infrared extension to reliably increase the range of any remote control up to 100 feet.

Note: This page was originally written for the Haswell-based ASUS Chromebox, but the information herein is valid for all Haswell/Broadwell-based Chromeboxes. Chromeboxes are small, lightweight x86-64 PC that natively runs Chrome OS, but with a few simple tweaks, has the capability to run any Linux-based OS (some models can also run Windows 8.1 ).

They use customized open-source firmware components (mainly coreboot) to boot Chrome OS in a secure/verified manner.

By putting it in Developer Mode, we disable the verified boot restriction, and allow the Chrome Box to boot in "legacy mode" (via a Legacy Boot payload, Sea BIOS), which enables other operating systems (eg: Libre ELEC, Gallium OS) to be installed / dual booted.

If Chrome OS isn't needed, then custom firmware can be installed to directly boot the legacy BIOS.

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