Officer updating orb procedures

To enquire about joining a Support Operation, contact your Club Captain or Branch Director of Lifesaving for more information.The locations of Support Operations are determined through a risk analysis process to ensure that resources are appropriately placed along the NSW coastline.Many veterans already have their DD214 in paper form or saved to their computer.If you have your DD214 saved to your computer in PDF form, there is no needto go to e Benefits.On August 29, 2011 the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) issued Federal Investigations Notice — FIN 11-4 announcing the full implementation of revised National Investigative Standards initially agreed upon by OPM and the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) on August 24, 2010.

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If you have paper copies of your DD214, you will need to scan and save your DD214 to your computer in PDF form, or you can snap a picture with your smart phone and save it in PDF form with one of the many apps in the Apple or Google store.

These revised standards represent a significant retreat from 3-tier concept approved in December 2008 by OPM and DNI.

The 3-tier concept attempted to fully implement the intent of Executive Order 13467 by reducing the number of different suitability and security clearance investigations and by creating a system that allowed for “each successively higher level investigation to build on rather than duplicate low level investigations.” It created 3 types of initial investigations and 2 types of reinvestigations.

The SLS Surf Emergency Response System was introduced in January 2008 to give Emergency Services (primarily NSW Police) a single point in contact to advise SLS of incidents along the NSW coastline.

This system enables the on-duty State Duty Officer to be contacted 24/7.

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