G dragon sohee dating 2016

However , Seulgi did not take these girls seriously because her heart is for the only one Bae Juhyun . This ff is inspired by my fav Taiwanese drama with the title Smiling Pasta, i really like this drama~~ It will not be 100 percent the same like the drama I will edit it with my own imagination~~~ I choose Ahn Sohee and Oh Sehun because lately ive been reading a ff about them and i kinda like the idea of the pairing I dont really know about Oh Sehun, so the characters is not about his personality or whatever, I choose him because he is hot and have a mystery kind of gu The secret life of Ahn Sohee and Kim Soohyun I know I am being delulu about both of them dating but whom cares? In between my hiatus, I've written quiet many stories in my personal archive. This story has been inspired by Ahn Sohee and Seo Kang Joon's loveline in the "Entourage" drama.

But believe me, I will always be thankful and forever be grateful.

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However, the death of Minhyun's first love, Kyulkyung, causes that friendship to crash one day. Idol drama operation team member , yoo a n both are in the urge to get close to SM ace , Kang Seulgi . Thank you for making me see things beyond what I already knew.

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