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Standing in the yard, he turns the mirror to catch a few rays of the sun and corrects the shape of his thin grey moustache. "He's the darkest of us all," his fellow villagers had told me earlier in the local cafe. No where else in Thrace will you find us; only in Avato. And if you go back to the first world war, you'll find out how they decided to settle here. I've been doing the same job for years, so I know it well by now," he says. Once, indeed, I was taken in to the police station because they thought I was an immigrant. And I said: ' What have I been telling you all this time? And you end up not knowing who you are." "Up to some years ago, I was determined to find out, even to the point to using DNA. They're the descendants of families who worked the fields of [the Ottoman governor of Egypt] Mehmet Ali," says Ioannis Agkortsas, the local doctor in Avato, who says he tries to keep the locals in touch with their past. At the time of the exchange of populations under the Lausanne treaty between Greece or Turkey, they were told they could stay or leave. In 1923, they officially became Greek citizens and, as such, took a share of the estates left behind by the Turks, with the authority of the Greek government," he says.

Five or six wild geese are guarding his property, attacking like dogs any stranger – like the writer – who dares to enter the property uninvited. His name is Hakic Mehmetoglu, and was born and bread in Avato. In the past, there were some in the surrounding villages. The village was was the seat of the bey, so that's why the blacks are here. My grandfather told my father that our ancestors were brought in through the port in Avdira (20km to the east) and from there they came here," says Ogun Sabri (41). Thirty years ago, when he was still in primary school, half of the pupils were black. They brought me to the police chief, I showed him my identity card and he stared at them before turning to me. I looked up the head of the Sudanese community in Thessaloniki and I received an invitation to go there to look for my roots. The community has received little attention from academics. The school is in Erasmio, about 40 minutes way on foot.

Same theme with Theseus, who according to both literary and historical record was an arrogant jerk.

He needed Ariadne’s help to get out of the labyrinth but when his use for her was done, he abandoned her, pregnant no less, on the island of Naxos after getting her drunk on the way back to Athens from Crete.

Let’s face it — Greek “boys” are spoiled, arrogant, and flagrantly unfaithful. There, away from the eyes of the world, live the black Greeks of Thrace, whose ancestors came to the country during Ottoman rule as slaves of local beys (or governors). He's got African looks but speaks in the local accent, a combination that would surprise anyone who accidentally wandered into Avato, a village 26km south of Xanthi, a city in northeastern Greece. Please take some time to review the chat rules at the bottom of the page. You can watch hundreds of girls on webcam and video chat with them for FREE! Enter a nickname below and click the CHAT NOW button to enter!

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